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History of Hét
Hét was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1427. According to local legend, 7 families fleeing away from tartars found shelter in a marshy area. After the danger was over, they established the village of Hét. By the end of the XVI. Century the Héthy house grew big, and beside them appeared many other noble families, who, together with the Héthys, owned the lands around Hét.
Under the Turk invasion the village perished, in 1696 Hét was empty, all noble families fled. 90 years later, at the first census the population was 263, living in 42 houses. Till 1980 the number of people was growing, with a peak of 722 inhabitants. Unfortunately since then the population is decreasing because of the high unemployment rate that forces people to move away from the area. Agriculture always played an important role in the life of Hét. Eighty years ago the village was famous because of it’s watermelon-, and recently on account of it’s cabbage crop.

Our little village is composed of an older and newer part, located 1 km away from each other, and now has altogether 550 citizens.