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Business deals

Would your business like to save money on its taxes and other expenses? You can do it if you register your business in Hét!

Hét is a small settlement with 540 inhabitants in Borsod County, located near the Slovakian border. The economic crisis created difficulties for businesses and local governments as well, but we can come through this easier by helping each other. I propose a business offer that would benefit both of us.
Why can you save money with us?
Because the Municipality of Hét doesn’t charge local business tax on businesses settled here.
We also offer you services that can help your work, like English-Hungarian translation, office administration, tender-monitoring, Internet connection, postal services, and cheap, reliable semi-skilled labour.
Hét lays in a beautiful environment, and we can offer accommodation in a recently renovated building, so it’s an excellent place for business holidays, team-buildings, or even conferences.
Why is it good for us?
As it is a small settlement, we are satisfied with less income or donations. It would be an important help for our village, if we could collect the other obligatory taxes, for example the tax after the vehicles of your business registered at us.
So a cooperation like this would be profitable for both of us, as you could save on taxes and we could increase our income.
For further details please contact me to the following e-mail address!
Kind regards: György Bende, major of Hét
Telefon.: +36-70-387-3635